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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quick to learn!

As you can see, the boys learned very quickly what people are good for... grooming! The dun gelding was so inquisitive. He followed me around his pen asking for head rubs. After some work with the long stick, we started to groom with the curry comb. We also introduced fly spray and automatic water buckets. He was so playful that he kicked his water bucket over, twice! He is playful and sweet, it was a fun day for both of us. The bay wanted his chin groomed, he kept sticking it out. It was very cute. I am very happy with both of them, not even 24 hours later they are being groomed and touched all over. Good day :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mustangs arrival

These geldings arrived today, July 26th. As you can see, they have adjusted pretty well. I was able to watch the mustangs for a while and observe them at the corrals in Litchfield, CA before deciding who to take home. I chose young geldings with good conformation and nice temperments. I immediately began working with them in the pen. After a few hours I was able to get a quick nose touch from both boys. They seem eager to begin the gentling process.