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Sunday, April 29, 2012

CSHA Gymkhana Show!

It was time to get Dixie out of the barn and into a show, so we loaded her up and drove to the Running I Ranch on Saturday for the gymkhana show. I entered her in all 5 classes and said that "if I stay on, it will be a good day". What I meant was, I will expect that she is going to be very new to the idea of a different barn, horses, people, shows, loudspeakers, you name it. She gained a lot of experience that day! Karin also got a chance to ride in 2 time only events. Needless to say, by any measure, we had a good day. As the classes went on, she seemed to calm down and get a better idea of what was being asked of her. I think she has a bit of a competitive side because the second the gate opened to let her in, she was going for it! I think this horse will have a very successful show career!

Trixie find a home!

Congrats to Alex, I know you will both be a wonderful pair. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Clinic Day at Sonrisa Stables

My first annual clinic at Sonrisa Stables. What a great place to be at. I can't begin to say how nice it was to meet the staff, parents, and students that came out to learn that day. I started off by working with their 4 yearlings headed for the San Jose BLM adoption event this weekend. We talked about pressure and release, herd instinct, moving their feet, and disengaging their hind quarters. After, the girls got to work with their yearlings while I coached. It was so cool to see the progress made in only a few hours. One team got their "first touch" and another was able to teach their horse to disengage instead of turn and run. Each game we taught them seemed to sink into their heads so quickly. I haven't worked with such young mustangs and it was certainly cool to see how they learn so fast! 

Working with one yearling and the other two wanted to see what was so interesting!

First touch

Sonrisa girls

Being groomed feels sooooo nice!

First time lifting a hoof

What a champ!

Learning to follow on the lead

Practicing their new moves


A previous graduate of the Sonrisa mustang project

BIG THANKS to Karen for inviting me out. I look forward to seeing you guys again!
Good luck in San Jose :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Big news...

The BIG NEWS is for once, not about horses! Anthony came out to the barn last weekend to help work the mares (or so I thought) and PROPOSED! I was so surprised, but of course I said YES!
It was a really special weekend and I am really glad the mustangs got to be a part of it. 

Dixie in a round pen session. I also began riding in the big pasture since the rain turned our round pen into a small lake. She has been doing really well!

Cinna-Man learning how to bow! It only took 2 carrots :)

Kay on Dixie

Karin ponying Dixie on Ranger

and then Trixie

We got a lot of rain this past week...

Color corrected picture, but still pretty cool! 

Alex came out to see what all the mustang fuss was about and fell in love...

I think this story will have a happy ending very soon!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April already?

Dixie's first trim!

Trixie lunging in full gear :)

Some "at liberty" training together

Dixie trying out some english tack

A little run after some hard work! 

I know the saying "time flys" but WOW, it really does! Next month (May 19)  Dixie and Trixie will be in the 2012 Extreme Mustang Makeover in Norco, CA. They will have to show everything they learned in order for them to find homes at the event. There are a total of 40 horses competing so that is a lot of pressure! Good thing both of these mares are wonderful and I have no doubt whoever they end up with will be very lucky :)