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Friday, October 15, 2010

A step back...

For anyone that doesn't already know, October 2nd 2010 my dad passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. I took a leave of absence and spent his last month together in Michigan with my mom and sister. It was a "hard goodbye" but ultimately I will be stronger for having had him in my life even if it was only 27 years.

That being said, the mustang boys took a little "vacation" from the working world while I was away. They had about 60 days worth of work and then took 30 off so I was a little nervous about what they might be like when I returned. They are and always have been two very different personalities. I shouldn't be surprised that one missed me and the other seemed to have forgotten all about me.

Cody nickered for the first time when he saw me and ran over to me. He has since been following me around like a puppy dog. He was always pretty good about following but now he is like glue! He also acted trusting enough that I began to lay my weight on his back in preparation for a rider. He also did outstanding being ground tied while I hosed him off as well as tied to the rail. He lunged in side reins and I was so thrilled to see his head set so naturally with such little guiding.

Ranger on the other hand seemed to have decided I had to earn my way back into his circle of trust. He was stand offish and uninterested when I went to greet him. It actually hurt my feelings for the first day but then I realized he had a good point. I did disappear for a long time and I thought I had better not get offended unless it went on for more than a few days. After 3 days in a row, Ranger is on the road to being his normal calm and cool self. I imagine by this time next week I will be telling you all the new tricks and cues he has learned.

So thats the update on the boys. Monday marks the "90 day" period that I have had them and that means it is time to go to their forever home. I will keep them a few more weeks since I was unable to train them the entire time but we will be saying our goodbyes soon. Stay tuned for more updates and progress.