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Monday, December 17, 2012

New Year, New Fun!

Dixie and I from the 2012 EMM!

When I opened my email, I was not only excited to be reminded that the ONLY CALIFORNIA Mustang Makeover  is coming up, but also that DIXIE and I were the picture in the ad! It was a great feeling, and a nice to surprise to see myself and horse smiling on the trail. I remember that moment, right after coming up the big hill in Norco! Knowing Dixie a little better now, I have to think she probably did not need much of a walk break from that ride! We have ridden well over 100 training miles this year on the trail and 85 AERC LD miles.
In addition to riding outside, we are still working on developing her dressage skills. I am really excited for 2013, there will be lots of great changes for Dixie and me! I hope that YOU have a wonderful and SAFE holiday and New Year. Thanks for reading my blog, getting emails and comments always make me smile!