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Friday, June 17, 2011

Congrats PJ!

Here is Summer heading to her new home. PJ spent time with Summer and I a few days this week watching the way I work so she could continue to train her as she matures into a gorgeous 3 year old. Good luck on all your new adventures, I am glad I was able to play a part in helping her find a forever home. She is a very special horse that caught a lot of peoples attention and I have no doubt she will continue to turn heads! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Trails!

You may be wondering why the blog has not been updated in over a week. Let me assure you it is for good reason! Besides taking a mini vacation to Point Reyes with the girls, preparing for the last semester of my thesis, and finishing the school year, I have been at the barn every day working with Summer! I spent much of last week showing Summer to potential adopters and all the hard work paid off, she got a home! She will be heading to her new home on Friday. I am so excited for her to have such a great new mommy. And, the best part? I get to finish her training when it is time to start riding in a year! 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bad weather...Good day!

The rain has not let up, but that did not deter my dear friends from coming out to visit our sweet little Summer. We walked around the indoor arena and after Summer was clearly unfazed by me leaning on her back, I slipped on! It is one of those special moments that you never forget, Summer was perfect! She was completely calm and trusting the entire time. I wiggled around a bit and patted her all over while we all stood in amazement over this adorable mustang that had not even let me put a halter on 14 days ago! When you earn a mustangs trust, it is amazing what you can do together. Special thanks to Holly and Marianne for coming out to capture this special day on film!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer Update

Summer has been with me for 2 weeks now and the progress she has made is huge. She has been exposed to a lot of new things and has handled it all in stride. We took a walk outside her paddock and into the indoor arena. It was the first time she was in a covered arena and navigating around other horses. She was cautious but willing, trusting me to keep her safe. After a few walks around the indoor arena, she decided to roll. I think her nickname might end up being pig pen! With the rain, she has managed to locate every mud spot in her paddock! I am heading back out now and hoping the weather will ease up so I can get some new pictures, we will see! Thanks for reading and if you are interested in meeting Summer in person, contact me!