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Monday, November 10, 2014

Extreme Wylene!

We wrapped up our 3 day clinic with Extreme Wylene yesterday.
It was a weekend full of horsemanship and fun. As each horse and rider progressed there were visible changes we could see. Most of the horses in this clinic were green, three had never even had a bit in their mouth before. To watch the education of a horse is truly amazing.

The curb-side. Teaching your horse to come to the side of a fence so you can mount!

Each day started in the arena where Wylene taught the 'basic handle' and a few exercises that allowed the rider to control different body parts. 

Tyler and Betsy standing quietly observing the riders around them.

'Do you mind?' as Wylene asks this pony to move away from the flag.

'Up the mane, down the rein!' such a valuable tool for communicating with your horse.

First time in an obstacle course, and yes they ALL went through it!

Jo and Jo!

And everyone did this too! It was all about keeping your horse in front of the obstacle and asking at the right moment. Forward motion!

Wylene and Dixie

Wylene always talks about the 3 types of riders and how we are all three throughout the weekend. The beggar, the maker, and the partner. Yes, it is true we HOPE our horses listen and then feel that we can MAKE them listen. But this weekend was about being ONE with our horses so that when we asked for something, they understood and were WILLING to do what we asked. I think everyone was able to really see and feel that. And so wraps up another AWESOME, AMAZING, LIFE CHANGING clinic. Thank you Extreme Wylene!