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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Extreme Wylene in Northern California

What a busy weekend with Extreme Wylene!

She came to visit Napa and Novato. We sure did have a lot of fun, I found myself running around taking lunch orders, waivers, and taking pictures most of the time but still managed to hop on Dixie a little too. 

As always, some of the horses that came to the clinic really transformed before our eyes. Take the horse below, Clyde. He had a spook and bolt reaction his owner could not overcome. This is after 3 days of being ridden in the clinic...  

I also got to see some familiar faces, Sweet Pea (remember her from my last mustang makeover?!)
She did fabulous, as always with her amazing owner Sarah. It was so fun to see how both of them have bonded and grown. 

One other amazing horse I got to watch was Simba. He is a 3 year old gelding mustang that I have been fostering for a friend while we look for a home. He was just started under saddle and this clinic was his first experience with many other horses, balls, obstacles, and chaos. I was hoping he would do well so I could really start to advertise and when I watched Wylene and her apprentice ride him, my jaw hit the ground. Not only was he quiet (I knew that already!) but he was willing and courageous with any all that was put in front of him! He walked slowly up to the ball (see pictures below) and then started pushing it around.  I was so thrilled that he was so mellow! 

Right away, I put the pictures on facebook and had a few positive prospects. Within 2 hours a friend called that had previously adopted a mustang from me (Hank now known as Sancho). She had a friend interested in adopting. I will post more details on the story as is progresses :)

Here are pictures from Napa and Novato. If you were in the clinic and would like to 'take' any of these pictures, please feel free. 

By the end of the clinic everyone was asking "When is she coming back??"

Once I get her 2014 schedule, I will post some dates, I promise! 

Thanks to all that came and supported the clinic!!!
Especially Dennis, Monte, Napa Horsemans, and Novato Horsemans

Clyde, the 'run away'

Sweet Pea and Sarah



Simba looking like an old relaxed ranch horse

Simba's first experience with the ball

Sweet Pea, oh how she loves that ball!!!

Novato Horsemans

Exreme Wylene giving a little show!

"Up the man, down the rein"

Clyde, blindfolded

Nancy and Christine

Friday, October 18, 2013

Dancing Dixie's first blue ribbon

 History was made today. 

Dixie earned her first blue ribbon. What exactly did I have her so well trained for that she impressed the judge? 

Being herself. 

Dancing Dixie attended an inspection for the North American Sport Pony Registry. Now you may ask, what is a North American Sport Pony??

A North American Sport pony is a pony in the general range of 13.2-14.2h that looks and moves like a small horse, capable of competing in the Olympic disciplines of Jumping, Dressage, and Eventing, as well as in Driving. It is not your traditional Thellwell type of pony, but rather is much more athletic and horse-like in appearance and ability.  The term “NorthAmerican Sportpony” is considered a type, not a particular breed of pony (with the exception of ponies of Draft blood being excluded) and therefore sportponies can be made up of everything from Welsh to New Forest to Thoroughbred bloodlines. 

Here are a few pictures from today...

Waiting... look at that confirmation! 

trotting the triangle 

free lunging trot and canter

Awards... 1st premium!

Awards ceremony
The inspection site was beautiful and people were friendly. Even though I had no clue what to expect, I felt welcomed and comfortable. A big thank you to Hattie for hosting and her daughter for helping me through today. If you are interested in more information, check out their website! They have a registry for horses too...