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Sunday, April 29, 2012

CSHA Gymkhana Show!

It was time to get Dixie out of the barn and into a show, so we loaded her up and drove to the Running I Ranch on Saturday for the gymkhana show. I entered her in all 5 classes and said that "if I stay on, it will be a good day". What I meant was, I will expect that she is going to be very new to the idea of a different barn, horses, people, shows, loudspeakers, you name it. She gained a lot of experience that day! Karin also got a chance to ride in 2 time only events. Needless to say, by any measure, we had a good day. As the classes went on, she seemed to calm down and get a better idea of what was being asked of her. I think she has a bit of a competitive side because the second the gate opened to let her in, she was going for it! I think this horse will have a very successful show career!

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