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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cinnamon spice!

He has not only proven himself to be sweet, but sassy too! I spent some time introducing the saddle to him as well as some other grooming tools. He really enjoys being groomed, a lot! After he did so well, I thought he might do just as great coming out of his pen for a walk to the round pen. I was right! He did fabulous, walking out nice and calm in out one gate and through the barn into a another gate to the round pen. I turned him loose and he kicked up his heels! He threw his tail up high and pranced around like he was showing off! After he got his kicks out, he wanted to work with me, approaching every time I asked him too. He is officially a 'TIP' horse by definition (being able to be haltered, lead, and hoof picked) so I am actively searching for a home for him. I hope I can report some good news soon!

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