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Monday, June 11, 2012

Sacramento Horse Expo

Well the horse expo was a success! Big thanks to Amy Dumas for inviting us! Thanks to the Carter family, Conny and Brandon, and Aspen and Justin and of course my amazing fiance Anthony for coming to support us! Dixie and I showed in 2 breed exhibits put on by the BLM. There were 5-6 horses each day that showed the variety and versatility of the American Mustang. We rode in english attire as well as bareback during each demo. When she wasn't in the arena, Dixie stayed in the breed barn and had a stall right in the middle of all the action. She had a lot of visitors pass through and more often than not, they said how sweet she was. We also got quite a few compliments on her delicate features and sleek coat. I was proud to show her off! It was too hard to choose my favorite pictures, so I included them all. Enjoy!

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