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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 1... the beginning

5:30am could not have come soon enough. I barely slept through the night, too busy thinking about what kind of mustang I would be picking up at the corrals. When we arrived, I was told my mare was from the Pancake HMA in Nevada. Of course, that meant she had to be sweet, right?
Anthony's mare is from Flanigan HMA in Nevada. They loaded without much fuss and off we went. Once home, they unloaded easy and took in their new surroundings. Things are off to a smooth start and we couldn't be happier! Well, actually, Anthony was hoping for a tinsy bit taller of a mustang being 6.2 and all... 

Anthony named her Luna (pictured above) and in less than 24 hours has made a lot of progress. She is disengaging the hindquarters and taking small but steady steps towards him as he uses pressure and release to gentle her. You can tell this is one cute little pony, she has got a ton of hair (check out that forelock!) and once she is shined up, will be looking smooth! 

My mare is a little darker, actually pretty similar in coat coloring to Dixie. As for her personality, they are pretty opposite! She is sweet (as I predicted!) but instead of flight as her first instinct, she actually freezes like a little statue. She is smart enough to think in an uncomfortable situation and then make a choice. This has also lead to a great start... same disengaging hindquarters and small steps toward me are the beginnings to a great partnership built on trust. 

I am going to have to get back into the swing of regular blogging to keep you all updated, I hope that you enjoy reading about this journey as much as I am going to enjoy being on it! Who knows...maybe their future owners are reading this now :)

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