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Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Beginnings...

Since my last post, quite a lot has happened. Anthony and I traveled to the Canary Islands in Spain for our wedding (June 22) and also spent time in Michigan with more family celebrating our special day. But before we left, there was one more event that I didn't have time to blog about... Napa Mustang Days! It was a great success and about half of the animals (horses and burros) that the BLM brought were adopted, I think the final number was 20. One of the lucky ones went home with a friend of ours...
We are so excited to welcome Scout to the mustang family!

Once we got home, our plans were to find Anthony a mustang. We headed up to the Litchfield Corrals along with a friend and a 2 horse trailer. 

As always, the crew in Litchfield made us feel at home and had the 'best' pen already brought to the front for us to look at. After a few hours of watching, sorting, and luck 2 geldings were selected to come home with us. 

Of course it was a hard decision and there was a lot to choose from, below are available 2 year old geldings that would love to find a home. Feel free to share these pictures and spread the word. They are all at Litchfield Corrals and are 2 year old geldings. 

Once we loaded the trailer, we were headed 5 hours back home. It made for a long day but that didn't seem to tire anyone out. It was like Christmas in July!!!

Once the boys unloaded they had a chance to settle in. As soon as we started working with them, it was clear they were smart, kind, and curious. Sara is keeping her boy Maverick with us for a little while before taking him home. She has already accomplished so much in the short 5 days we have had them, it is going to be hard to keep my blogging up to date!!! Anthony has had a big smile on his face since we have brought El Capitan home, almost as big as when we got married! 

Me and El Capitan

Sara and Maverick

Anthony and El Capitan

I am sure you are all wondering about sweet little Dixie. Well, she had her 'capture date' anniversary July 4th and we celebrated with a nice long trail ride at Skyline. 

We are looking forward to a couple more good rides with friends soon. And I can hardly wait until El Capitan and Anthony will be by our side!  

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