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Saturday, September 28, 2013

The boys in my life...

Our barn has been mostly mares and recently the tables have turned.

Anthony has been working with El Capitan (aka Capi) and finally decided to move him closer. I am not sure if you remember why we decided to train him in the 6 foot pens for so long but here is why...

Capi redesigned the 6 foot high pipe panels 

He is as sweet as the day is long, really. He is actually a pretty laid back guy (aren't they all?)
After checking out his new place, Anthony took him into the round pen for some work. 

Capi was barely awake as Anthony flung the saddle pad on and around him. 

Saddling came next...

And of course the first few 'rides'

Winston and I sat and watched while while these two worked together. I think it must have been a guy thing, because they had their own language going on. It was like each one knew what was going to happen next. Training mustangs is fun, but watching others train can be just as rewarding too. I am so proud of this pair. 

Now I don't want you to think this whole day was rainbows and unicorns, there were a few hiccups throughout the training session. Most notably after Anthony had saddled him and walked him around, he turned him loose in the round pen. Stirrups tapping his side, he immediately put on a NFR Rodeo audition. Also note that in the picture Anthony is laughing.

After a few good bucks, he settled down and trotted out quite nicely.

Then he stopped, turned, and walked over to Anthony. They cuddled for a few minutes and then called it a day. It was pretty cute (I mean, manly). 

I will post soon about the other new guy, Simba. He is actually up for adoption and I am still getting to know him. Stay tuned!!!

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