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Monday, November 18, 2013

Lake Sonoma AERC 50

Dancing Dixie had one last 50 mile race for 2013, Lake Sonoma November 2nd.
This was her 4th race and the first time I would not be riding her.

I packed everything up and headed out, lots of excitement as this was the first LD ride we did last year together. My friend Jennifer had agreed to ride her for me, and I was thrilled. Jennifer was actually the only reason I had ever given endurance riding a second thought. She has been a great mentor to me and I was so excited to see how the two would do together. Dixie has been in endurance training for just over a year now. I brought her home as a 'wild' mustang in February 2012. Her tenacity endless energy, and drive was the reason I thought endurance might be 'her sport'. 

Needless to say, the EasyBoots stayed on the whole ride and each stop I saw Jennifer and Dixie I was surprised to see how fast the day was going by. We had talked the night before about timing and we agreed between 9:30 and 10 she would arrive into the first vet check. Wrong! As I walked up the hill at 9:20, they were already there! Fortunately I had dropped the crew bag off so no time was wasted. Next stop, I decided to stay close so I wouldn't make a second mistake. Even though I was not riding, it was just as exciting. 

As I saw them come into the finish line, my heart raced. They had actually buddied up with the same horse and rider from the Mendocino Magic Ride. (That race was in June and we came in as 6th and 7th place together) They rode in as 3rd and 4th place and I was over the moon!

I was so happy to end the season on a high note. As the off season begins, we will go back to my roots and get more focused on dressage.

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