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Monday, June 9, 2014

Getting ready for summer...

Considering this is my first post about life at the barn in 2014, I think it is easy to see how things have changed. I have been working at the barn plenty, but not so much riding. Dixie seems to exercise herself, whether she is running in the pasture or lunging in the arena. 

Karen donated this bridge that we converted into a teeter totter for our obstacle course. 

Oh yea, here is why I have not been riding much these past few months...
Ashton Robert was born 4.17.14 at 10:21pm
We went on our first outing to the barn to meet Dixie of course!

I am more than thrilled to share that our fencing project is complete! It was a long time (since August) for this to happen since it was 100% volunteers. We used peeler posts and Fastline Fencing made specifically for horses. Thank you sooooo much to those that helped build this safe fence for our horses. 

And now to get back to a riding schedule... Dixie has been waiting patiently (well maybe not that patient!) for me to jump back on. She is 6 years old now, and in the last few months really filled out (I guess I could say the same for me too) I think the break was good for her. As we start to gear up for our next training rides, I will decide when we will get back to competing. In the meantime, we are plenty busy around here! 

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