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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Harvey Bear 50

The Quicksilver Harvey Bear ride is a special ride to me. 2 years ago it is where we began our endurance journey. They host a 'fun ride' that is welcome for horses of all ages and we had our first camping experience together. Last year we came back for the limited distance 25 mile ride. And now, we came back for the 50 miler. 

Of course I was not alone. Katie and Ashton came with me and had a blast hanging out. 

 also convinced Betsy and Sunny to try their luck at the limited distance ride. I knew if they got the taste of endurance they would be hooked! 

Dixie post ride, checking out the horses still coming in...

We had a special breakfast delivery/visit from our local friends Sunday morning. Thank you soooo much for the hot coffee and bagels, that was a great way to start our journey back home :)

It was our first 50 since Ashton arrived and I am really proud we were able to complete (and in good time too!)

Throughout the ride we had great weather (super foggy in the morning) and not a single problem with our easyboots staying on! The trail was marked really well and everyone was really friendly. Our neighbors even helped me untack at lunch and take care of Dixie. A big thanks to the ride management and volunteers who helped put this on. You all did a fantastic job! We can't wait to come back next year! 

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