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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

This was the first time I experienced Tevis with a horse.
Not as a competitor, but as a support crew for riders. 
Dixie and I had qualified a few months back at an SOS ride and were really excited to participate as a team. 

 We rode with Lyssa and her POA from Robinson Flat to Dusty Corners. It was about 10 miles of the 100 mile race. We had to take a few selfies before we got started. Dixie won the award for best smile. 

We did this trail once before to get familiar and look who else was familiar with the trail!

Of course I still got to cheer on my friends who were competing and visit with friends who were crewing.  

Our good pal Jenni Smith landed in 5th place and winning the coveted Hagan Cup for Best Condition. 

We did see at least one mustang complete the race, last but not least! With less than 50% completing, finishing is quite a feat!

Congrats to everyone that got out there to help or ride. It was truly a great day.


  1. Tevis.... the top of my bucket list! ( : We have been invited to crew at the 2016 ride, I can't wait! Hoping to learn a lot and get inspired to try Tevis one day.

  2. That is so cool Megan! You will get hooked, for sure! Hope to see you up there next year... look for the mustang :)


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