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Monday, May 23, 2011

History of Carter Reservoir

Old Spanish stock influenced Summer and her herd

For those of you who know the HMA's (herd management areas) Summer is from 'Carter Reservoir'. It is located in Washoe County, NV with a small portion in Modoc County, CA.
Her herd size is 25-35 head and the horses from this area tend to be Dun, Blue Corn and Grulla with dorsal stripes, barred or striped legs and dark points. She is a red dun with a dorsal stripe as well as striped legs. Most horses in this herd get to an average size of 14-16 hands and weighing between 900 and 1100 pounds. Summer has a really thick mane and tail which are distinctive marks of this herd thought to be from old Spanish stock. Summer was brought into the corrals as a foal with her mom 9.18.09 and her freezemark # is 09221041


  1. She is super cute!
    Good Luck!

  2. thanks! I am hoping she gets as good of a home as Neo :)


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