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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2 days of progress

After 2 days of working 6 hours each, you can see that we made some really nice progress!

Cinnamon is incredibly curious. He is friendly and kind, letting me pet him since early this morning. He loves to get his ears scratched. I really enjoyed working with him today. This is one very nice mustang that is going to make someone really happy! He is easy to work with and that makes training fun. Today he sniffed a fly mask and got brushed, tomorrow we will introduce a few more exciting items.

Twister is a little bit different. Since he was older when he was caught, he stayed a stallion longer and you can really see the difference in his body compared to Cinnamon. He has those stallion jowls! For this reason, he is a little tougher to work with. Still, he has already made a lot of progress, being touched all over with the stick. If his attitude is any indicator of what he will be like, I could easily describe him to his future owner... boss! Even though he doesn't want a whole lot to do with people, he is confident and steadfast. I think this will translate into being an awesome trail horse once he has bonded to his forever owner.
 Here is my boyfriend Anthony working Twister. You can see he is beginning to be interested...from a distance of course!
 This is the closest Twister got to contact today. I think it is pretty darn good considering he is a tougher mustang to work with.

Sweet little Talitha really loved Anthony. She was not feeling so great because she was de-wormed at the corrals and had quite an infestation to get rid of. Despite the tummy ache, she was still willing to be worked with today and that says a lot about her willing personality. 

My new best friend!

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  1. Sooooooo sweet! As you love and lead, each horse's story will evolve. Your patience in allowing them to grow and learn at their own pace is priceless, Alyssa and Anthony.


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