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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 6!

6 full days of work have gone by and each mustang has developed at their own pace. It is amazing to watch the way Talitha, Cinnamon, and Twister have changed. 

The obvious rock star has been Cinnamon. His curious and willing attitude has allowed us to introduce the fly mask, grooming tools, saddle pad, and even the saddle. He looooves to be scratched in his mane and will tilt his head sideways for you to rub. He has even let me pick up his hoofs to begin introducing him to hoof picking. What an awesome guy!  

Twister has been taking things a little slower, which is just fine for all of us. No one wants to feel rushed, especially when you are taming a wild mustang. Although he has not gained interest in touching us, he has accepted the pole to rub him all over his entire body. He becomes comfortable with us in the pen after a little bit and will walk (on his own) about half of the length of the pen towards us. Ever hear that saying "slow but steady"? That's Twister!

Talitha is the youngest at only 17 months. She is also the only female, which makes her the most finnicky! Some days she is quite interested. Others, she would just assume walk away from us. One trick we have been using is petting the horse next to her pen. She seems to realize he is getting all the attention and it might be a good thing. She has also been interested in objects like saddle pads and grooming tools. She especially enjoyed sniffing Anthony's head! 

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