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Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Thinking about 2011, I was able to place 4 mustangs in homes.  That is 1 more than last year!  Being able to work with them on a regular basis is great, because it means I get to see them really grow up. Little Talitha is working well and boy is she smart. I showed her the first steps to teach her to bow and a few days later I get a text message from her owner "she bows!" I call her my little honor student.
Cinnamon is enjoying his huge pasture with his new best friend Ranger. He has grown a winter coat so wooly and dark, it hardly looks like the skinny sleek mustang I first met in July. 
Twister aka Remy is quite another story... he has become my biggest teacher (read challenge) and I enjoy working with him the most. He still favors his right side and will try to get you to stay there but will allow me to touch him on his left now too. In fact, he really likes his ears scratched and will tilt his head in at an angle as if to see "ooh ooh please more!" 
In addition, I am still riding at as well as teaching dressage lessons. You can see the picture above is Majestic in our holiday outfits! 
I hope this message find you in good health and happiness!

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