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Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 update

Well the new year has brought a surprise... Summer! She was the little 2 year old mustang I took in June 2011. Her owner contacted me and sadly through no fault of Summers, had to find her a new place to live. I said I would take her back immediately! So, that means that after working with 5 horses at 2 barns yesterday, I then went to wait at another barn near my home for little Summer to arrive. When she got there, she had been pretty stressed out and no one was able to halter her (she was free loaded into the trailer). It was sad to see my sweet little friend look so upset so I waited a minute and then climbed into the trailer with her. We stood there for a few minutes while I talked to her, telling her she was with me now and that meant nothing but good food, good training, and a good start to the new year. Then I slowly reached my hands around her neck and put on a bright and shiny brand new purple halter. We opened the trailer and she hesitantly jumped out but after a few circles, I think she recognized the place! I walked her to her stall and she sniffed around. Having the wonderful support friends, Summer had grain, hay, and a nice fluffy stall waiting for her. She wasted no time and ate some grain, sniffed the hay, and then rolled in her stall. I am hopeful that she will be finding a new home as soon as possible! 

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