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Sunday, January 22, 2012


The days seem to fly by when you drive from one barn to the next! This weekend alone I have spent more than 10 hours riding, giving lessons, and ground work with some amazing horses. I was getting spoiled with all of the dry weather, and now the rain has finally started to pour! Good thing we have indoor arenas:) That means the pictures/lighting is not that great, but the progress was!

Summer and I had our first ride today! With the support of Glen on lead rope, we casually walked around the indoor arena. Not one bit of hesitation from Summer, it was really nice to see how quickly a young, smart, and willing horse will progress!

Remy is also taking huge steps, he is able to lead and hoof pick in the front. A very big sign that he has enough trust in me to give me his hoof. He is quite the handsome boy, and looks a little but like a giant fuzzy teddy bear with his winter coat!

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