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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

33.33333% done!

One month in, two more to go. Both horses are working well and I am proud that they have come so far in only one month!  

Dixie is so calm under saddle, it has been awesome to ride her around the pen. It is almost like she knows she has to be careful with me on her back!

Say hello to my brand new 2012 Maverick stock trailer! I was thrilled to get it, although the girls were not as impressed. In fact, they didn't seem to like it at all. 

After about an hour of work and a lot of food, Dixie finally decided to see what all the fuss was about. I am going to be very careful about making sure she enjoys her next trailering experience since the last time she was in a trailer she was still wild! 

Trixie not only had the saddle on for the first time, but also lunged and walked around in it. I was shocked to see she did not try to get it off or spook with it on. It was as if she just accepted it once it was on. She is a really smart horse, hesitant, but smart. Once she decides to do something, she is completely invested. It is just getting her to that point where she is willing to try! 
Check out her! This horse is going to have an amazing career in whatever discipline she goes into.

What better of a way to end the day then a nice cool bath? She even took a little drink out of the hose!

We have a beautiful 300 acre piece of land that we can use for turnout. Of course that means I have to be able to catch DIxie and Trixie again! We have been working on taking walks together and finally I decided it was time...

they took off running! 

After a lap or two, they settled back down and we continued our walk. It was a great way to end a successful week!

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