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Sunday, February 26, 2012

A week in pictures

Lots of great thing going on in this amazing California weather! I figured I would just narrate the last week in pictures:

Summer has been amazing. Her steering and movement was a little 'sticky' the first few days of riding (which should be expected) but she seems to have gotten the hang of it after 2 rides. We practiced trotting figure eight's to get her listening and moving off of my leg. Once I was sure she could steer, we went out of the round pen and took a walk to the outdoor arena. We walked over a bridge, around poles, and then worked a little more at the trot. Then, an older mustang at the barn showed up to go on a trail ride down the street. We decided to tag along! It was incredible to see how confident this horse is under saddle. We passed traffic, bikers, joggers, dogs, and she was great! I am so proud of my little Summer. I can't wait until she finds her forever home. In the meantime, I get to enjoy working with her :)

Dixie is leading all around the property and exploring the trailer. This was her first time seeing such a small trailer. Her first ride was in a big stock trailer with 2 other horses, quite a difference from the last time she was in a trailer!

Trixie is getting used to taking nice walks and enjoying the mustard weeds! She may look into finding work as a weed puller in the future, lol!

Dixie worked really hard and was so sweaty that I thought it would be the perfect day to try giving her a bath.  I slowly introduced the water by letting it fall near her feet and then letting her sniff it. She shoved her nose into it and took a nice drink. She seemed to love the cool water in her body, and of course our little 'pig pen'was rolling in the dirt minutes after she got rinsed! 

Remy has been with me since July 25, 2011. He has been far and above the toughest horse to train. But you know that just means that he has taught me the most about training horses. I thought he should try and make a few other friends (besides me of course) and introduce him to the little pony on the farm. It seemed like they were two long lost friends, playing halter tag for almost the whole time they were together. It was nice to see him interact with another horse and I am looking forward to introducing him to some other friends soon. 

Here he is working under saddle. His movement is incredible and I just can't wait to see what this horse will end up doing. He will most certainly excel at anything he is trained for. 

Cinna-man! He loves to show off for the girls. Maybe he has some Arabian in him, that tail shoots straight up when he is showing off. It has been really great to see how he has grown and matured. 

Dixie preparing for the fly season! 

Trixie found a more fashionable way to ward off flies :)

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