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Monday, February 20, 2012

Dixie and Trixie after 15 days of training:

The girls have made a lot of progress in such a short period of time! They are quickly becoming popular with my friends too! Trixie was following Kim around like a lab, it was pretty cool to see that these mares trust not only me, but anyone they meet that shows them kindness.

After lunging Dixie with all of her tack on, I started to practice mounting up. She never even batted an eyelash when I  put weight in the stirrup, a good sign! 

We decided to go for a walk and see all of the fun things on the property. Tarps, tractors, wood piles, you name it! Dixie took it all in, I was very proud! When it came time to go back in her pen, she was not very convinced that was such a great idea. It took a lot of time to get her to willingly walk back in. Poor Trixie was not happy she got left behind! I told her that in a few days she would be ready to take a walk too!

Karin has been making friends with Trixie. 

The saddle pad was a bit of a challenge, it took some time to convince her that it was not a scary animal trying to kill her. I think a few more days of practice and she will be fine with it. 

"What the heck is that and why is it on my back?!?"

I promised Trixie she could go on a walk too as soon as she was ready. Once Anthony came out and worked with her, I could tell it was time. She was following him around in the pen and so they took a walk outside. It was nice and uneventful, except for the few whinnies from the distressed Dixie who was not happy about being left behind. I figured that would happen so I was busy introducing side reins and lunging her while Anthony and Trixie were on a walk. 

You can see Trixie in the background, they both look great!

And finally, we decided it was time to take a little walk with a rider. It was so exciting to be in the saddle for the first time! Anthony was there to lead me around (and he got a ride too!) 

These last 15 days have been great, I can't to see the next 75!

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