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Monday, May 28, 2012

Competition is over, now the fun begins!

Usually once the adoption happens, the blog gets kind of quiet. I have to wait for another trip to Litchfield or an adoption event before I can post something interesting. Not this time... since Dixie is a permanent fixture, I will still be sending out progress updates for everyone to watch her grow and learn. In fact, she already has a few new tricks...

Thank you Justin for showing me how to lay a horse down. I was able to learn how to make it the horses idea instead of forcing her. She was not a huge fan in the beginning but certainly accepted it and quietly laid down after some practice. She seemed more relaxed after the work session than before which is always a sign that you are doing something right!

Since I have not had a chance to ride her in an arena (or anywhere with nice flat ground) it never occurred to me to try flying lead changes. Saturday we hauled her to a friends facility and got to use the huge indoor. As I watched Anthony ride her in circles, my eyes got wide as the two of them effortlessly switched leads back and forth. I asked him if he was asking for the switches and he just shrugged, guys!!! Of course I had him do it again so I could record it. Click here for the YouTube video.

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