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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Horsey Love

I am feeling really lucky to have such awesome horses in my life. I have been leading Wild Card around and working on touching her all over on both sides. I hope to be loading her into a trailer by next week. I don't have great pictures, because I am usually the photographer which makes for an awkward shot!

Dixie and I have been trailering out on the weekends. Today we went to Sundance Ranch and rode in the arena. We practiced a lot and was really happy with her flying lead changes:)
After, we had a good trail ride in the vineyards. She did really well with bikers, dogs, and the other horses too. It is so much fun to watch a mustang from the 'wild' stage and then progress into an equine citizen. We are planning on trailering to Lynch Canyon tomorrow, wish us luck!

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