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Sunday, October 14, 2012

A HUGE thank you...

What a successful weekend. I cannot say enough how blessed I am to have mustangs and the people who love them in my life. Saturday at UC Davis Horse Day was such a blast. I met so many people and got to share my love for mustangs. I just couldn't stop smiling all day.

This would not have been possible without the help of some very special people. The day went by in such a blur I wanted to make sure that I could let them know how much it meant to me...

Dr Roser, thank you for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to share my passion. That first phone conversation was the spark that lit the fire!

Joel, you did a fantastic job of pulling off a really big event! Every time I saw you and your staff, you were working really hard to make sure things ran smoothly. You absolutely burned the 'midnight oil'! And it was well worth it.

My volunteers... Nancy and Mike with Sparky and Piney were such pros in the showcase. Their calm demeanor allowed so many people who had never seen a 'real live mustang' up close to have a fabulous first impression. How wonderful that you could show up with an adorable little pony that ground drives and great big paint that illustrated how different mustangs can look.

Mike and Piney
Nancy and Sparky
Amy from the BLM for setting up a booth and answering questions. It is so vital to have someone knowledgeable to talk with the public about our mustangs on and off the range. You did a great job of talking about what you see as a BLM employee and what the public needs to be aware of.

Conny, Roger, and Brandon with Talitha did a great job showing off Talitha's tricks and ground work. It was really her third time off the property and they did fabulous. For any 2 year old to be presented in front of grand stands, banners, and an audience it was quite a feat to be proud of!

Conny and Talitha
Judy, Sue, and Sweetie showed up with the only mustang to complete the TEVIS 100 mile endurance race this year! What a treat to have a local celebrity that showcases a highly Arabian dominated sport. I know I saw quite a few endurance riders take note on his impeccable build, size, and wonderful manners.
Judy and Sweetie

Karen and the Sonrisa Stables girls, parents, Socks, and Griffon.... driving over 3 hours each way just to be a part of our 45 minute demo was out of this world! It was such an honor for me to have you be there and share what you and your amazing team had done by gentling and adopting out 19 mustangs! I was so happy that you could bring mustangs that are STILL ADOPTABLE!!! (Please contact me for details!) You were all great! And after the demo, you had to drive home and get ready for your clinic with Wylene and I the next day.

Wylene, oh man where to start! Well I have to say that when we met at my first Extreme Mustang Makeover competition in 2010, I knew we would be fast friends. That was an understatement. I feel so lucky to have been able to share you with everyone for our training demonstration. Just having you by my side added a whole new dimension to the show that would have been unattainable solo. I can't thank you enough for making the trip out. I know I will be seeing you again soon! (keep following the blogs for her next clinic here).

To my friends and family for showing up and supporting me. My mom flew into town from Michigan just for this show and acted as my personal assistant helping me stay organized and get ready, Anthony my fiance` was there for me (and Dixie) to help us set up, take pictures, and clean up too. Katie and Kim came to support me and their comment "We don't even know anything about horses and we were really entertained" just made me smile.
My mom and our new friend Sonya!
And lastly to the people I met and talked with. It was such a great feeling to hear that people learned, enjoyed, and grew from the presentation. I have already gotten a few emails thanking me and asking when the next clinic will be. I am so thrilled to see the enthusiasm for mustangs grow and will continue to share my passion with others.

All in all, it was a great day. I think that same big smile is still stuck on my face :)

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