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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Horse Day News Coverage and Clinic!

Click here for some Horse Day coverage from the BLM

After Horse Day, Wylene and I headed to Sonrisa Stables for a clinic! We started the morning off with a discussion on laying a horse down. Wylene specializes in this technique and was featured in Western Horseman Magazine June 2012 that talks about when, how, and who should lay a horse down. I demonstrated the "lay downs" while Wylene narrated the process. It was really beneficial for the participants to see how this technique helps the horse learn to trust its' rider.
Afterwards, everyone grabbed a horse and we worked on horsemanship skills. Walking over tarps, rollbacks, and finishing off the day with everyone getting a chance to stand on their horse! It was a busy weekend and the time seemed to just fly by! I have done clinics here before and they are always the most fun! Thanks Sonrisa Stables and Karen for having us. 

Demonstrating a "lay down".
The key is to have the horse make the choice, not me.

You can see he is trying to find a good spot to lay down.
He is making the choice!
Quietly resting, he realizes that life is ok when all 4 feet are off the ground.

His owner is laying across his body, feeling each breath until they are both calm.
I am sitting beside them coaching her on what is happening.

He was so relaxed that when we got up and walked away, he stayed resting for another 5 minutes!
That was a great sign that he had complete trust in us.

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