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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lake Sonoma Ride

November 3rd marked the first endurance ride Dixie and I participated in. It was a great day, perfect weather, and beautiful trail. We rode 25 miles around Lake Sonoma and came in 6th. Dixie maintained a perfect attitude the whole ride and at each vet check got all A's and one A-. She pulsed down quicker than almost every horse that we came in with. As you can see, I ran with quite a bit as the day got hotter. It also kept my knees from getting too sore! Anthony was sweet enough to wait in this spot for 2 hours until we came through! The trail was missing a few markers and caused us (and others) to get lost which was the only bummer of the day. As my grandma used to say, that is just how the cookie crumbles! I came to the ride with two amazing riders that WON the 50 mile ride! Congrats Jenni and Bear on first and Jennifer and Stella on second! You guys are my hero's!

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