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Monday, May 13, 2013

Clinic Weekend at Sonrisa Stables

Norco may have been the finale of our 90 training experience with Luna and Sweet Pea, but there was one other special treat we had at Norco last weekend... Team Sonrisa drove all the way down to support us at the competition too! They have their own wild horse training program and have had their mustangs 30 days now. Anthony and I came out to give them a clinic and a little fresh perspective on how they can gentle their new friends, Hulk, Mickey, Cruise, and Simba. 

Team mascot, Megan cooling off in the ice chest!

Working with Mickey, he quickly showed his one-sidedness. We focused on keeping our bodies in between his shoulders and hips to allow us 'in'. As she moves towards his hips, he is driven forward... move towards his shoulders, he is stopped... when you get to say where the feet go... you're the leader :)

One of the high lights of the weekend was Anthony saddling and putting the first rides on Hulk. The team was ecstatic! He was the most laid back gelding, if you could have seen how many kids were crawling all over him you would know why! 

Team Hulk! 

Getting ready to ride...

First steps, Hulk seemed relaxed when he had his team near him. It is clear they have shown him nothing but love and he trusts them. What a great moment it was!

Baby Cruise is the only yearling. He liked to turn his butt towards you so here I am using 'the cool kid method' to draw him towards me (head first). Pressure and release can be one of your most useful techniques if you pay close attention to your horse and their signs. The girls knew what signs to look for and immediately picked up on the subtle cues Cruise was giving them. 

I was so impressed with the teams and their support. Parents showed up with breakfast, lunch, water, and were so kind to us. Coach Karen was the reason we were invited, and I just think she is the bees knees!  It must be the company she keeps ;) The teams patience and perseverance has me so excited to see what they will accomplish in the next few months before their adoption event! Stay tuned, I am sure there will be updates from these guys!

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