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Monday, May 6, 2013

Extreme Mustang Makeover Norco, 2013

What a weekend. After 90 days, all your hard work pays off at the show and's over. 
Anthony and I both miss our horses, but I can assure you that they got the BEST homes we could have ever asked for. This event was so much fun to be a part of, I am still just reeling from all the emotion that went into it. If you followed me on facebook ( then you may already know how we did. Here are some of the highlights...

Charles Brooks took this great picture of Marissa and Don and I before receiving our top ten awards.
Don took 1st place and Marissa 2nd, I was so honored to be in the top ten with them!

Getting ready for our top ten introductions

I can't believe I made the list!!!

Back, Back, Back, Blindfold! 

No hands! (or eyes!)

This was my impromptu freestyle outfit courtesy of CVS drugstore (crepe paper and scarf)
and Target girls department (dress)

Anthony and Luna-cita

So happy my mom came all the way from Michigan to watch me!

Anthony in the arena with Luna
 Not only did I make the top ten, my mom flew in to visit with my cousins from SoCal, Karen and some of the fabulous Sonrisa team drove to support me, Sarah and Monte drove up ready to adopt Sweet Pea, and I got to be a part of something so much bigger than a horse show. The trainers at these events are more than just horse people, they are down to earth, fun, generous, and I had so much fun being with everyone. There was not a single moment where I felt competitive pressure. Of course, I was nervous and so thankful I had Anthony and my mom by my side to keep me calm and collected!

The show itself went really well. Anthony's high point was taking 3rd in the handling and conditioning class. He not only called his horse to him like a puppy dog, he also picked up a front and hind foot at the same time! The crowd went wild!

My highlight was being a part of the top ten, it was somewhat un-expected and I only had 2 hours to come up with a plan. In the end,  decided that bareback and blindfolded might be fun (and it was!).
I also used the big ball she loved to play with so much, in fact, she has never hit that ball harder and I know the crowd could tell we were just having a grand time playing! My favorite part of that freestyle was having people come up to me and saying that they could really tell I was having fun! It was true, I really did a total blast.

Driving home 9 hours with an empty trailer really made us start thinking about our next adventure. Anthony and I decided he would be searching for his very own mustang next, and I promised to help keep him in shape while Anthony is busy with harvest. Oh yea, and we also have that wedding coming up in June to think about ;)

Once we got home, I checked the mail and found my application to title Dixie waiting for me. What a great way to end an adventure and begin the next, horse ownership! Watch for more posts about Dixie and her next endurance ride. We have a few planned!

I hope you enjoyed reading and following our progress. I am very happy to say that our mares are in wonderful homes and ready to begin their happily ever after. I will post more pictures and updates as I get them!

xo A & A

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