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Monday, July 30, 2012

Intern for a week, new horse under saddle, jumping mustangs, and adios Hades!

For the first time, I had an 'intern' come and work with me. Laura flew in from Michigan to see what training mustangs is all about. I took her around with me to the various barns to see what it is like to work with equines all day. I think she liked it! Especially when I taught her how to 'join up'. It is a pretty cool moment to know you have made an equine friend that trusts you! Way to go Laura! Can't wait to help you get your first mustang ;)

Anthony came out to the barn and I really wanted him to see how well Auggie has been doing, so we went out for a nice trail ride. On the way back, they found a few obstacles to jump so I quickly galloped back to the barn to grab my camera. They look like naturals! 

One of the special horses that I have been working with, this is our second ride. Although he is not a mustang, he certainly responds well to the same natural horsemanship techniques used. This ride was quiet and uneventful, just the way you hope a second ride would be!

Of course I cannot stay away from my favorite friesian barn! Here is Hades and I practicing some ground manners. We have been working together for a few months and I am happy to say he has found his forever home and will be leaving us at the end of July. Good luck Hades! I know you will go far :)

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