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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vernal Springs, Utah

I met Wylene in 2010, at my first makeover event in Norco, CA. She had her horse 'Filthy Rich' with her and did an awesome pre-show before our event. We exchanged a few words about our horses and then went on our separate ways. Fast forward to the Napa Film Festival where Anthony and I saw the "Wild Horse, Wild Ride" premier and met again. We gave each other our numbers and after seeing her in Norco again this year, I decided to ask if I could work alongside her and see how she got her nickname Extreme Wylene... 

Wylene Wilson specializes in colt starting, and solving dangerous horse behavior. Her credentials as a top trainer are evident in the work that she has done with the Mustang Heritage Foundation's Extreme Mustang Makeover events. At this time, Wylene has broken, trained and competed with wild Mustangs in five Legends Division events, the highest skill level of competition. Wylene was invited to represent the Mustang Heritage Foundation in March 2009 at the Road to the Horse show in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. She won her "Challenge" event with Filthy Rich.

In September 2009, Wylene won the Western Stampede, Extreme Mustang Makeover Championship in Fort Worth, Texas. Wylene rode Rembrandt , demonstrating a dozen flying lead changes, text book stops, and quiet hands. Her performance was based solely on correct horsemanship, and a strong bond with her horse. Wylene Wilson will became a representative of the Mustang Heritage Team in 2010.

So, I packed my boots headed out to Vernal Springs Utah in July. Wylene, Randall, Alix, and I worked together to start 13 horses. It was a lot of work, but paid off. The rides were beautiful and I learned a lot. I didn't have too much time to take pictures, since I was mostly on horseback the whole time! 

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