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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Luna Looking Lovely!

 Yesterday we snuck out to the barn for a few hours to work with our horses and take some pictures. As soon as I got there, I noticed I forgot to charge the camera and had a battery sign on. We only had a few minutes each to quickly take pictures of each other, but I think we both succeeded in showing off all the progress our mares have made. Enjoy :)

Ground tie and hoof picking

Luna nice and calm

More ground tie practice

Such a good girl, proud trainer


look at that movement! dressage horse anyone?!

Having fun :)

Anthony has done such a great job with his first mustang, I am very happy to have dragged him into this whole mustang scene! You always feel like you teach them so much when 'un-wilding- them but really they are teaching us too. We have had many conversations about training and approaches that have stemmed from experiences these horses have given us. I am thankful I have a wonderful future husband who shares my love of horses too! Otherwise, who would I be able to talk about horses 24/7 with?!? 

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