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Monday, March 18, 2013

Rides of March

This weekend Anthony and I headed to Reno for an endurance ride. It only took 6 hours to get there in the dark with 2 mustangs, Dixie and Luna (Anthony's new Extreme Mustang Makeover mare) where we unloaded, fed and watered, and then settled in for the night. Anthony and Luna did the LD (limited distance) at a leisurely pace, and had a blast. Luna was exposed to people, horses, trailers, rv's, vet checks, riding alone and with a group. She handled everything so well! People were absolutely amazed she had only been 'unwilded' a month and a half! He even had people asking to take a picture with her :)

Dancing Dixie and I took a shot at our first 50, and completed! I am so proud of my little stang! Since her hairy coat was covering her brand, people regularly asked what breed she was... no one guessed mustang! We heard thoroughbred and saddlebred the most often due to her muscular body and long back. She was pretty tired Sunday and walked to the pasture slower than normal, but by the end of the day was running around again. Talk about a fast recovery! I, on the other hand, am really sore and will not be running around any time soon! 

Beautiful landscape and great weather...

Don't worry, little Sweet Pea was not forgotten! She stayed home and relaxed Saturday and Sunday we took a ride to Willow Tree Stables in Novato for a great relaxing trail ride with some fabulous folks we befriended earlier. It was so gorgeous and the horses all behaved like angels... what a great way to end the weekend! 

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