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Friday, March 15, 2013

Sweet Pea, halfway in!

Being in the middle of March, I think we are somewhere near halfway into this. It is fun to think back on all the huge progress our horses have made. This week was the first time Sweet Pea and I could casually walk the obstacle course instead of nervously jumping or rushing through the courses. She is developing confidence and I am so proud of her. In the pen as a 'wild one' that was her huge issue... passing through obstacles. Now that she is riding through them, I couldn't be happier. Every horse will have something that is no big deal to one and life changing to another. Luna never seemed to overly mind about passing through objects in the same way. Of course, she has overcome many other major obstacles with Anthony just in a different nature. 

Sweet Pea in her first obstacle experience

After a few walks, it was not an issue again (total time between pictures= 5 or so minutes)
The pictures above shows Sweet Pea reacting to the tarp by trying to jump it, you notice she didn't refuse the obstacle...just tried to leap over it (I think she may have preferred not to go over it though without my encouragement, lol). After she stepped on it, she decided it was not a horse devouring alligator and was able to walk, trot, and stand all over it. 

As soon as something (obstacle, trailer loading, leading, whatever) is conquered, the horse grows from the experience. I saw a positive change in her confidence as a result of working on these types of challenges. 

Sweet Pea is about 13.1 hands and will not doubt make someone a fabulous partner. We have spent time in the arena working on walk, trot, canter. The obstacle course has included tarps, hanging noodles, jumps, plastic pits, and tire pedestals. We have also gone on the trail at Skyline Park. 
I will continue to build up her repertoire of skills for as long as we are together. If YOU or anyone you know if interested in this amazing horse, please contact me for more details. I am very interested in getting her a home where she will be loved, appreciated, and continue to be ridden.


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