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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sweet Pea, Jumping For Joy!

Ok so, I am actually the one jumping for joy, not Sweet Pea. 
I am happy because my horse is sweet (hence the name)
I am happy because I am on vacation (thank you easter bunny)
I am happy because I am with Anthony (awww)
I am happy because our wedding invitations arrived (ahhh!)
you get the idea...

In fact, this happens to be the first time I stood up on her as well as jumped off. She is a pretty laid back gal :)

She has great rhythm and stride in all of her gaits.

Another dressage prospect?

Just couldn't help myself from loving on her :)

No reins!

Keeping the beat, 2 thumbs up!

Just sitting around...

Love her movement, seriously!
This horse has the SMOOTHEST gaits ever. Maybe she is part gaited?

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